Universal Eye Check Optical Corp

UECOC is not only comprised of a team of dedicated, licensed, knowledgeable Optometrists,
but also employs experienced professionals who strive to deliver the best service for eye care needs.


We Are On A Mission

To provide excellent eye and vision care services to the people all over the Philippines by utilizing innovative techniques, prescribing top-of-the-line ophthalmic lenses, frames, contact lenses and other visual aids and rehabilitation services, thereby contributing to individual productivity and national development.


What We Want To Achieve

To be the most trusted provider of premier optometric services and products in the Philippines.



Comprehensive Eye

Includes a battery of tests to assess the visual system and eye health. It helps to screen and diagnose refractive errors and common eye diseases, that may need appropriate intervention.

Low Vision
and Rehabilitation

Aims to optimize the use of residual vision after severe vision loss, it also aims to teach skills to improve visual functioning in daily life including improvement of psychosocial functioning.

Occupational and Industrial

Involves analysis of visual needs of different occupations and provide appropriate intervention with the goal to help the patient to safely and efficiently perform at work and improve productivity.

Binocular Vision Assessment
and Management

Involves evaluation of one’s ability for eye teaming, eye focusing, eye tracking, visual perception and visual processing speed. It also includes application of appropriate intervention to improve and/or correct anomalies of binocular vision.

Dispensing of Eyeglasses
and Contact Lenses

Corrects, remedies or relieves defects and/or impairment of vision.


What Our Patients Are Saying:

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